Our Courses

English Lesson

You may not have time to enroll in a language course due to your busy work schedule or daily life activities. Our expert teaching staff will provide you a flexible learning schedule and lessons which can be taught either in your office or in a quiet public work space. Just contact us to let us know your schedule and we will arrange a timetable and a curriculum custom designed for you.

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Russian Lesson

Our staff offers efficient Russian language teaching for your professional business needs or your travels to countries where Russian is the primary spoken language.

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Turkish Lesson

AGC language gladly offers expert Turkish language lessons to expats aiming to get the most out of their time here in beautiful Turkey. As an expat living in Turkey, you may encounter situations in which you wished you had a better grasp of the Turkish language. After a year, most expats experience the need to better communicate with the local people, be it in casual social gatherings or confusing bureaucratic needs.

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Our Services


Our main service is teaching of Turkish as a second language to foreigners and to make an expat's life easier here in Izmir. As an expat you may know English or other languages well enough for work needs but it is always a good idea to learn the local language if one wants to enjoy all the benefits of being in a foreign country. If you are going to live around here more than 1 or 2 years you may need to add Turkish as a foreign language to your language skills. AGC Language Education can help you with teachers who specialized on teaching of Turkish as a second language. Our second service is to provide private language tutors in various foreign languages, both for Turks and foreigners. After being contacted by you, we will arrive at your office to agree on service details and to make a sales contract with you or your company. We will arrange lesson dates and hours together. We will then give you the Language Course and Practice books starting from A1 to C2 according to your puchase details. In conclusion, we will provide you a very comfortable learning environment at your own office on flexible times of your choosing.

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